Welcome to ShirtTales by Sarah!

Welcome to ShirtTales by Sarah, the home of custom t-shirt and clothing quilts made by me! Give your loved one a ShirtTales quilt and rest assured you're giving them a gift that will not only preserve their memories but will also keep them warm!

Let me create a unique Shirt Tales Quilt for you!

Shirt Tales T-shirt Quilt Prices
Throw (up to 60 by 60) $200 plus supplies
Twin (up to 68 by 84) $250 plus supplies
Full (up to 84 by 92) $300 plus supplies
Queen (up to 92 by 100) $350 plus supplies
King (100 by 112) $400 plus supplies

SUPPLIES are in addition to the prices above and include items that are dependent upon the size of your project: backing fabric, batting, interfacing and quilting. Depending on the size of your project, supplies will range from $100-$150.

All sizes are approximate. If you are requesting a project for a specific bed size, please provide the actual mattress measurements.

This method of creating custom t-shirt quilts allows me to use many sizes of logos!

T-shirt Quilts
Celebrate a special event or commemorate a milestone with a Shirt Tales t-shirt quilt. Give me your shirts and I'll prepare a quilt you'll cherish. Quilts can be made with: T-shirts, sweatshirts and pants, jeans...essentially any piece of clothing. 

This quilt went to California.

Mackenzie and her awesome ShirtTales by Sarah quilt.

Michael's quilt also features 
two borders with his school's colors.

A NASCAR themed t-shirt quilt. 
Checkered flag fabric used on front, backing and binding.

Lindsey's quilt with high school and college shirts.

A special quilt with shirts from a woman's stint in the Peace Corps.

A memory quilt made with the Hawaiian shirts from the recipient's late father. A cherished gift!

A t-shirt quilt for a college grad! Actual size: King sized!

Graduation t-shirt quilt commemorating 4 years of plays and musicals.

My first t-shirt quilt project! A large graduation quilt with photos and various sizes of logos!

Two memory quilts made only with Harley-Davidson t-shirts. Due to the additional patchwork needed for these quilts pricing is over my normal rates.